Why use us

With over 22 years experience gained in this field, the team at Flourish has a demonstrable proven track record of delivering results. We have a broad experience having worked for diverse industries including major plc’s, fronting an American start up business in Europe, and in our youth, door to door sales! We’re familiar with the needs of business to business as well as business to consumer clients and appreciate your key drivers.

Partnering with Flourish can offer many benefits including;

Cost reduction - outsourcing the work enables you and your top team to concentrate their time and energy on other prioritises, help keep your head count in check and only pay for the work that we complete- no sick days or holiday pay for us!

Flexibility - we offer a flexible package, including day rates, and project based contracts to match either your budget or your business’ needs.

Competitive edge - the Flourish extended team are specialist at what they do and constantly striving to keep ahead of new ways of working, marketing concepts, and ideals.

Impartiality - we will always offer our honest opinion, and operate in a completely discreet, confidential manner. A fresh pair of eyes (and ears) could be just what your business needs.

Low risk - partnering with Flourish is low risk; use us for a small project if you prefer to ‘try before you buy.’ What else can we say to convince you.... we’re enthusiastic, committed, dedicated, driven, and realistic. We won’t over promise nor under deliver.


Who should be interested?

Well, the answer is simple, anyone ranging from a small start up business just tentatively beginning their journey through to a corporate plc that needs a fresh, impartial opinion on aspects of sales, marketing or their business’ development.

If you can’t afford the time (or frankly want the hassle) to recruit an additional member of staff, but prefer to use our specialist outsourced support, then please get in touch.

We offer a one hour free, no obligation initial consultation, (dependant on location) in order to assess and discuss how Flourish may help you thrive.